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Walter White -KC Legend- Lasting Legacy

If you never had the pleasure of meeting the man that is Walter White you have missed out on one of the most enjoyable, uplifting experiences of a lifetime. I'm not talking about the "Breaking Bad" actor. I'm talking about the Walter that was larger than life itself. The former NFL Chiefs player, Co-founder of the Chiefs Ambassadors, loving husband and father, friend to so many people seemingly around the globe, and a pretty darn good singer to boot. Walter always rocked the mic if there was a mic around to be rocked. I feel like he carried a mic in his back pocket just incase the room needed a little music to get the party started. 1 example:

I fortunately had the pleasure and pleasure it was. I met Walter for the 1st time when I was 8 years old with my dad at the Chiefs Ambassador's tent prior to a Chiefs home game. What a good time that was. Live music, food, Walter and other ex players singing and having a blast. I was in heaven. Young crazy Chiefs fan hanging out with NFL players, walking the field and watching my dad have fun and growing his friendship with this mountain of a man Walter White. A friendship that carried over for 30 + years and quickly turned into a close best friendship. It was always fun listening to the 2 of them banter back and forth.

You knew as soon as Walter entered the room because he was full of love, energy, charisma, and was normally loud to the point where you couldn't mistake him for anyone else. His walk and talk can't be imitated. He lit up the room and made everyone feel important. You couldn't help but smile or at least be in a good mood when around this giant among men. Walter left his imprint everywhere he went and did so much for his community and helped many other charity organizations grow and flourish as much as he possibly could. Like I said, a giant among men.

Unfortunately Walter passed away on April 10th, 2019, from battle with pancreatic cancer, but left behind a lasting impression and legacy of which I have never witnessed. The memorial service was one of the grandest send offs and inspiring remembrances of life's achievements I have ever seen. I was blown away. Listening to Travis Kelce, Dustin Colquitt, Bobby Bell, Bill Maas and everyone else speak about their experiences with Mr. White was incredible. He impacted everyone's life in such a meaningful real way and it is evident in anyone you speak to who knew Walter. Whitney, Walter's daughter, delivered an emotional heartfelt speech that brought me to tears. It was the best memorial I have ever seen and it has impacted me in a way where I want to carry on and contribute and give back to the community as Walter did. I hope I'll be able to live up to an 1/8 of what Walter accomplished for charities, the children, friends and family, and everyone else I come in contact with. Those are some serious big shoes to fill, but I won't stop trying.

To Walter White:

May God rest your soul. I know you are up in Heaven looking down and making sure everyone is ok. The Lord gained a sidekick and angel of immense talent. I know you will continue shining down the bright light that you beamed while here on earth. Thank you for gracing us with that bright light while you were here. You brought joy and laughter to everyone's world and everyone's soul. You will be missed by so many, but you will never be forgotten.

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