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Freshman 15

I'm not writing about weight gain associated with the 1st year in college when I say freshman 15. I'm talking about the weight gain about to take place during the 1st pregnancy... Or 4th pregnancy for that matter. You hear stories about women having weird and wild food cravings when they get pregnant. Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches tops the list for me. We have to run and get whatever strikes the appetite when it strikes no matter the time day or night. Pregnancy cravings are real, but the freshmen 15 isn't talking about women or their relentless need for whatever will satisfy the newest, sometimes short lived hunger monster.

This is actually about the tale from the other side. That's right women, I'm talking about the men that go to battle for their baby momma and baby to be. We now have to eat for 3 where as the pregnant mother to be only has to take care of 2... Unless there is more than 1 growing baby... good night nurse! Making sure the woman doesn't get discouraged by weight gain, become self conscious, or get super unhealthy during pregnancy, we decide we are going to take temptation away and eat anything extra that isn't needed for momma or baby. Be it the 4 extra slices of pizza, 2/3 of the cheesecake, the 3 extra cookies, or half a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts we eat for desert after already eating a couple for breakfast just to make sure that they don't over indulge. We think of it as our duty to not let down our growing baby momma and our little baby to be. It is a sacrifice worth making. Just remember it is only for 10 months... I know what you are thinking fellas, pregnancy is only supposed to be 9 months... Pregnancy is actually 40 weeks long... Say WHATTT?! I'll address that in a separate post, but let that sink in and blow your mind as it did me during the 1st go round. Learn from my mistakes though gentlemen and never tell your woman you are feeling fat or bloated as you take on this tall task. Also, don't tell them that they are really starting to look pregnant. They don't seem to want to hear it as they are growing a human being inside of them and getting bigger everyday. Funny enough as we grow along side of them we don't normally get told about how big we have gotten during the process even though they are wondering what our excuse is.

For my wife, I like to think of myself as her crying shoulder or crying belly as we grow though this experience together. What are 10 glorious calorie filled months in the scheme of things when it is for the greater good of the family? Ha. I try and make sure my wife feels the love even if it means buying bigger jeans or just hanging out in sweatpants everyday during the journey of creating a beautiful bundle of joy.

We will be documenting through video and blog our journey to lose the weight with a 30 day post pregnancy challenge. Whatever we do, it will be done together and as a family and we hope you will enjoy the ride with us.

At least after 36 years I can still tell people it's just baby fat... =v)

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