Meet the Ruhls

We are the Ruhlman family: Joe (dad), Nina (mom), Jaxon (3), Julianna (2), Jett (10 mon), and Joslyn (est April 2019). Life is crazy and overwhelming, but oh so wonderful and enjoyable. We are constantly trying to find new things to do with our crew and loving the bumps that we experience along the way. Being a parent is such a remarkable journey, always changing, challenging, learning, and growing. ​


We are so excited you are here and can't wait for you to get to know our family and join us along our journey as we try new things and experience the best life we can with our beautiful kiddos that we have been blessed with.

Jaxon "aka" Jax

Big brother with a big heart.  Always there to lend a helping hand (if he has gotten good sleep or has had his nap).  Loves all things cars, trains and super heros.  If you need a toy or something smashed he can accomplish that with his monster trucks or fantastic hulk smash impersonation. 

Ruhlman Family-38.jpg

Julianna "aka" Jules

Sassy, sweet, and silly.  She is the ruler of the roost and a super cute little diva when she wants to be, but a lovable do no wrong princess when she needs to be.  She loves animals, dolls, singing, dancing, and kids youtube... especially the Kid Ruhls channel which she is a huge advocate and current subscriber. 


Jett "aka" Jettzilla

This preemie kiddo is the brightest ray of sunshine.  He is the happiest baby ever and has the biggest full mouth smile and funny little chuckle.   When he flashes that smile, he will brighten your mood or make you laugh no matter the situation.  His sunny disposition is contagious making it tough to leave his eyesight.   He is big into making noises that seem like words but don't make a lot of sense.  He loves chewing and drooling on all of the other siblings toys along with disassembling anything they have built.   

Ruhlman Family-35.jpg